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All About Crockery for Cures

Crockery for Cures is a clever enterprise that provides a real win-win for consumers and society.

It’s a sort of environmentally-conscious gifting idea, where we collect unwanted vintage crockery and get talented, altruistic artisans to break it down and create new homewares that people can buy for themselves or as gifts.

And again, all the profits go directly to medical research. 


Your investment in Crockery for Cures leaves a lasting legacy, with 100% of the profit from every sale donated to our charitable medical research organisation - the Eyewall Foundation.

The Eyewall Foundation is a private foundation registered in Perth, Western Australia. It funds medical research in neurology and the essential functions our nervous system plays in regulating our overall health. Research is undertaken in Western Australia and by a global network of medical practitioners.

Under the guidance of Professor Allan Kermode research supported by the Eyewall Foundation focuses on multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease and other neurological conditions.

Landy Kermode

Our founder Landy Kermode's story is inextricably linked to her fathers. It is a story of love, of loss, and a lifelong commitment to spare others from the pain of losing a loved one to a preventable neurological disease. ​ To find out more about the life saving research being undertaken with the Eyewall Foundation visit their website.  ​ ​

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